Authentic Italian Lasagna Recipe

An authentic Italian lasagna recipe is wonderfully satisfying but still easy to make. In many regions of Italy is made without mozzarella, lasagne is not always a cheesy affair with plenty of mozzarellas.

These Italian lasagna recipes more simply call for béchamel sauce instead of cheese. The only cheese required is grated Parmesan.

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Ingredients: Serves 4

  • 6 ounces (gr.170) or 8 sheets of white or green packaged Italian lasagnas
  • Ragù Spaghetti Sauce
  • Béchamel Sauce
  • 4 ounces (gr.113) parmesan cheese grated
  • 1 tbsp (gr.14) unsalted butter
  • 1 tbsp (gr.14) salt

Wine Pairing

Pair with this recipe a good Chianti red wine.

Preparation: medium 40 minutes

It will take you 2 hours to accomplish the whole recipe with sauces, so consider that Ragù Spaghetti Sauce and Béchamel Sauce can be prepared ahead of time, or the day before and refrigerated ready to be used. 

Let’s Start!

1. You’ll cook the sheets as any other pasta following the directions on the package for cooking time adding the salt to the water when boiling.

IMPORTANT TIP: To prevent from sticking the sheets one with each other after you have drained them, place them around on the colander border or on a cotton cloth.

2. Start preheating your oven at 350°F (180°C) and bring your ready sauces. Butter the bottom and sides of a 7×9 inch (cm 18×23) stainless steel baking pan or dish.

Once you’re ready spread over 3 tablespoons of Béchamel Sauce, and 3 tablespoons of Ragù Spaghetti Sauce.

3. Now you can start assembling laying one by one the sheets of lasagna and cover the bottom of your pan or dish.

Spread again 3 tablespoons of béchamel and ragù as before, and 2 tablespoons of parmesan.

4. Repeat the process until you have made the other 3 layers.

At the end on the top of your assembled sheets, you’ll spread just the remaining ragù and parmesan.

5. Cover your pan or dish with tin foil and place it into the middle rack of your oven.

Bake for 15 minutes, then remove the tin foil and bake a further 10 minutes till you see a crust has formed on.

Well Done!

Cool a few minutes before serving to your family and friends your wonderfully satisfying lasagna.

Best Fabric Glue for Silk, Leather, Plastic & Rhinestones 2021 – Guide

Best fabric glue for silk: In the world of sewing, there are many permanent & temporary fabric glues for silk, leather. Between different properties and the multiple possible uses choosing your best fabric glue for silk will no longer be an obstacle . Glue will become a staple of your sewing material.

Best Fabric Glue for Silk:

To get started, there are two main types of glue, temporary fabric glues and permanent glues. As their names indicate, it is their resistance over time that will make the difference.

Indeed, it is preferable to choose a glue for permanent use to glue a hem, add a part to customize a garment or to repair a disjointed part. Also read : Best zero gravity chair for elderly.

In another context, you can have recourse to a temporary gluing, for example to maintain fleece, a patch before sewing it or to maintain the pieces of a paper pattern on the fabric.

Permanent Best Fabric Glue for Silk

Textil + glue from prym

Photo of Prym Textil + Glue.  A permanent all-purpose glue suitable for textiles, cardboard, leather, PVC.
Prym Textil + All Purpose Glue

Textil + glue is perfect for assembling, mending and decorating, durably.

Undoubtedly a very popular textile glue, it is so widely used. PVC, leather, latex, lace, fabric, cardboard, it can stick almost anything. Thus, with this glue, you will be able to vary the uses. From repairing a garment using a badge to customizing a work by gluing pompoms or tassels.

Drying time will vary depending on how much glue you apply, as will its ability to stiffen the fabric.

Textil + glue is solvent-free and colorless when dried. So don’t be surprised to see white glue on the fabric. This is only done to facilitate its use, but once the glue dries no more traces.

Repair with Prym Textil + glue

  • The water-repellent fabric is faded
  • Apply a bead of textil + glue
  • Press the fabric
  • Your raincoat is repaired

Prym’s anti-fraying glue

Prym anti-fraying glue

Anti-fray glue is the enemy of frayed fabric or the partner of trendy style.

Jean stockings, embroidery fabric, children’s pants, shirt collars, are all fabrics that regularly suffer from unsightly fraying. This small textile glue is a radical solution to keep the fabric in place and stop the progression of the inevitable wear of a garment or to facilitate the work of a linen fabric mounted on a drum. this is the Best fabric glue for silk.

Repair with Prym Anti-Fraying Glue

  • A buttonhole that is starting to unravel
  • Cut the protruding threads
  • Sticking is repairing!

Even if, its effect can be attenuated by the successive washings, this glue has a good durability. Colorless, it blends into the fabric. Be careful, however, not to use too much, as Prym’s anti-fraying glue could bleach the fabric.

Create with anti-fraying glue

This glue can also become a practical tool for making trendy pieces.

  • Make fringed jeans with anti-fraying glue
  • Cut the bottom of the jeans
  • Make fringes with a seam ripper
  • Cut the fringes
  • Stabilize fraying with Prym’s anti-fraying adhesive
  • The jeans are stuck

Prym Best Fabric Glue for leather

Leather glue Prym

A glue suitable for leather but not only

Suitable for gluing smooth or buff leathers, this high adhesion glue can also be used to glue rubber, wood, metal or even paper.

For optimal use, the surfaces to be bonded should be prepared beforehand by cleaning them. It is also necessary to press the parts once glued.

Repair with leather glue

  • The closure of the bag is broken
  • Apply the best fabric glue for leather
  • Let the glue dry and squeeze
  • It is repaired !

Best Temporary Fabric Glue

Temporary adhesive spray from Prym

A temporary textile glue in spray that facilitates seams and sewing.

Temporary spray adhesive for textiles from Prym
Temporary spray glue Prym

Paper, fabric, this adhesive spray glue is temporary and facilitates the sewing that will follow. Indeed, this glue does not resist washing, but can be an interesting alternative to sewing pins. No holes, but it still holds in place while waiting to prick a homemade patch.

This spray glue for temporary fabric will be a great help in customization or DIY activities. Padded bags or fleece-based accessories can be easily mounted thanks to this glue which will guarantee a position without risk of slipping or unwanted thickness on a seam. Likewise, hand-made bags with multiple layers, which the pins will not be able to prick, will be easily immobilized with this spray glue. Also perfect with delicate materials that pins could pierce and damage such as imitation leather or suede. Guaranteed ease.

This easy-to-use glue should be sprayed from a distance of 30 centimeters for optimal use.

  • Fleece fixed with glue
  • Cardboard and imitation leather-based assembly

Repair with Prym Temporary Spray Glue

You can also repair your clothes easily with spray glue.

  • A hole in your child’s jeans?
  • Spray the patch.
    Maintain a distance of 30 cm.
  • Paste
  • Prick & that’s the Best fabric glue for silk.

A temporary alternative to sewing pins.

With this spray glue, you can also hold the pieces of a paper pattern on the fabric. No more pinning session!

  • One piece of paper pattern
  • Spray.
    Respect a distance of 30 cm
  • Paste.
    Cut out your piece
  • Easily peel off your boss piece

Prym Aqua Glue Pen

For careful gluing or easy sewing

Prym aqua glue pen, glue for sewing
Prym aqua building glue pen

Lace, braid, small pieces, anything that needs to be glued with care will appreciate this textile glue pen. Thanks to its pen-shaped design, applying this glue becomes simple and really precise. Thus, small parts can be pinned down with precision without the need for pins. For example, your lace trims will no longer slip under the presser foot and will be mounted without folds.

This glue does not resist washing, so it is necessary to sew before washing.

Aqua glue pen refill
Aqua glue refill

Practical, the fluorescent yellow color of this glue disappears after drying. This ingenious glue is refillable to guarantee a better experience.

We are happy to have presented you the Best fabric glue for silk that we offer and their possible uses.

best booster chair for babies india – 2020 Toddler Booster Chairs

best booster chair for babies india: Note that this list does not replace the manual for your seat or car. This list includes seats that Child Passenger Safety Technicians (TSEP) appreciate for their ease of use and installation and because they fit most cars and children.

  • To find a TSEP near you, see
  • Join the Little Cupcakes in Car Seats Facebook group for support in French
  • Check out Vancouver Island Car Seat Techs every Friday for sales updates!

It is always recommended that you try out seats in your car before purchasing.

Be aware that EVERY SEAT sold in Canada meets the same safety standards, so all seats, provided they are installed and used correctly, are safe. In our experience, the seats on this list can be installed and used easily.

Is my child ready for a booster seat?

Don’t be in a hurry to put your child in a booster seat.

The minimum weight in Canada for using a booster seat is 18 kg (40 lbs), and the minimum size varies depending on the seat chosen. This  does not mean that a 3 year old who weighs 18 kg is safe in a booster seat.

The maturity of the child PRIME when we make the decision to put it in a booster seat (once the minimum size has been reached).

When a child is in a booster seat, it is the car seat belt that protects them in a crash, and the child is responsible for the correct use of that seat belt.

In a booster seat, the child must:

  • Stay in place throughout the journey: back and buttocks firmly against the back of the seat or the bench of the car;
  • Do not bend over to look for toys or to tease his brother;
  • Never unbuckle during the journey;
  • Never put the belt behind him or under his armpit;
  • Do not fall forwards while sleeping.


It is between 5-7 years that a child reaches the maturity necessary for a booster seat. Keeping the child in a front-facing harness is still the safest way to travel in a car until he is mature enough for a booster seat.

With or without a file?

Ideally, the backrest is kept on the seat as long as possible depending on the size of the child. The backrest helps the child to stay well seated and offers support when falling asleep. The backrest makes it easier to keep the car belt in the correct position at all times.

How do I choose the right booster seat for my child?

At the age of the booster seat, the child is able to clearly express his preferences and test benches before purchase. So, have him sit in several models in store to get his opinion. You want them to be comfortable and understand the importance of staying in a booster seat until the adult seat belt is suitable for them.

Look at the approximate heights of the belt guides in the descriptions of the recommended seats. Why is this important? Because if your child has a tall chest, and you want to keep him in a seat with a backrest for a long time, you should choose a seat with a higher belt guide.

The booster seat must ensure that:

  • The diagonal belt goes across the chest and remains between her neck and her shoulder;
  • The lap belt fits low on the hips and snug (not on the stomach)

Information on using a Parachute Canada booster seat

Travelling can be tiresome, once you had enough rest it’s hard to wake up asap so, if you’re looking for the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers 2020, got you covered.

How do we know if a booster seat is suitable for our car?

  • You must absolutely use a three-point belt: you cannot use a booster seat with a lap belt.
  • With very rare exceptions, you cannot use a booster seat in the front seat: this is prohibited by most manufacturers.
  • If you are using a backless booster seat, it is essential that the car’s headrest is behind it.
  • All the seats with backs on our list allow installation without the headrest of the car; on the other hand, make sure that it is possible to remove the headrest in the car if it prevents a proper installation of the booster seat (consult the manual for your seat in your car)
  • Make sure that the car’s belt goes through the belt guide of the booster seat with backrest without locking; try at all back heights to make sure the belt slides freely

Booster Chairs for Babies India 2020

Parachute Canada Safety Belt Document

Best booster chairs for baby india with backrest

The list is permitted in India(All states) : If you’re planning to travel India then do check our the best honeymoon destination Meghamalai Tourism here.

** Note that if you’re looking for seat dimensions, including weight, check out Car Seats for the Littles (US site), which provides those measurements at the start of their reviews.

Evenflo Spectrum

  • Criticism of Vancouver Island Car Seat Techs (eng)
  • Criticism Mama Wolf’s Den (eng)
  • Criticism of Car Seats for the Littles ( ang 
  • Review of CSFTL (note that the weight and height limits are AMERICAN, but you can rely on the dimensions of the seat)

Price: $ 99 at Babies R Us, Best Buy, Walmart,
Modes: Use with or without backrest
Weight /
Height : 18-50 kg (40-110 lb) / 112-144.8 cm (44-57 in) Height approximate belt guide : 56 cm (22 in)
Expiration : 6 years from date of manufacture

Overview :

  • Size  minimum  is High as other seats on that list: the average child does not reach 44 in 5.5 years before
  • Does not attach to the car with LATCH: always attach with the car seat belt even when unoccupied
  • With backrest does not need the car headrest behind
  • Well padded and comfortable
  • Two cup holders that stick out like drawers
  • Seat wide enough for bigger children

Graco TurboBooster (available in convertible / backless model, or backless model)

  • Review of CSFTL (note that the weight and height limits are AMERICAN, but you can rely on the dimensions of the seat)

Price: ~ $ 75 at Toys R Us, Canadian Tire, Walmart, (backless version ~ $ 45)
Modes: Use with or without backrest
Weight / Size : 18-45 kg (40-100 lb) / 110- 144 cm (43-57 in)
Approximate height of belt guide : 50 cm (19.75 in)
Expiration : 10 years from date of manufacture

Overview :

    • Does not attach to the car with LATCH: always attach with the car seat belt even when unoccupied
    • With backrest does not need the car headrest behind
    • Offers optimal belt routing for the majority of children
    • Easy to carry, easy to use without much adult help

Chicco KidFit

    • Criticism Mama Wolf’s Den (eng)
    • Criti que de The Monarch Mommy (eng)
    • Review of CSFTL  (note that the weight and height limits are AMERICAN, but you can rely on the dimensions of the seat)

Price: $ 159.99 at Elfe Juvenile 
Modes: Use with or without backrest
Weight / Height : 18-50 kg (40-110 lb) / 96.5 – 144 cm (38-57 in)
Approximate height of the belt guide : 49.5 cm (19.5 in)
Expiration : 8 years from date of manufacture

Overview :

    • Attaches to car with button type UAS
    • With backrest does not need the car headrest behind
    • With backrest, Chicco requires it to be fastened with the car seat belt when it is unoccupied, even if it is fastened with the UAS
    • Well padded and comfortable
    • Adjustable in height from the waist (not the neck), so the side protection rises as the child grows, it seems to help children maintain their position even while falling asleep
    • 2 cup holders that can be folded inwards when not in use

Britax Skyline & Highpoint

    • Review of CSFTL (note that the weight and height limits are AMERICAN, but you can rely on the dimensions of the seat)

Price: $ 150-200 at ,
Modes: Use only with backrest
Weight /
Height : 18-55 kg (40-120 lb) / 96.5-160 cm (38-63 in) Approximate guide height belt : 57.2 cm (22.5 in)
Expiration : 10 years from date of manufacture

Overview :

    • Don’t need the car headrest behind
    • Attaches to car with button type UAS
    • Allows even very large children to be cared for in a seat with a backrest
    • The Highpoint has a SecureGuard crotch clip that allows the lap belt to be properly positioned for added security and has side impact protection cushions
    • Two dishwasher-safe cup holders

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Clek Oobr Booster

  • Critique CSTFL (eng)

Price: $ 300-350 depending on cover at
Modes: Use with or without backrest
Weight / Height: 18-45.4 kg (40-100 lbs) / 102-144 cm (40-57 in)
Approximate height of the guide bar belt: 53.3 cm (21 in)
Expiration : 9 years from date of manufacture

Overview :

    • Don’t need the car headrest behind
    • Attaches to car with hard button type UAS

Graco Turbobooster LX (formerly known as Affix) (available in convertible / backless model, or backless model)

    • Criticism of Vancouver Island Car Seat Techs (eng)
    • Critique CSFTL (eng)

Price: $ 60 (without backrest) and ~ $ 120 (with backrest) at , Babies R Us, Walmart, Canadian Tire
Modes: Use with or without backrest, sold without backrest also
Weight / Size : 18-45.4 kg ( 40-100 lbs) / 110-144 cm (43-57 in)
Approximate height of belt guide: 49.5 cm (19.5 in)
Expiration : 10 years after date of manufacture

Overview :

    • Don’t need the car headrest behind
    • Attaches to car with rigid hook-type UAS

Evenflo AMP (available in convertible back / backless model, or backless model)

    • Critique CSFTL (eng)

Price: $ 70-80 at Babies R Us, , Canadian Tire
Modes: Use with or without backrest (also sold in backless version, ~ $ 40)
Weight / Size: 18-50 kg (40-110 lb) / 96.5 – 144 cm (38-57 in)
Approximate height of belt guide: 49.5 cm (19.5 in)
Expiration: 6 years after date of manufacture

Overview :

    • With backrest does not need the car headrest behind
    • Very light and easy to transport
    • Not as padded as other models
    • Does not attach to the car with LATCH: always attach with the car seat belt even when unoccupied
    • One of the only booster seats that consistently fits in the 3rd row of the current generation Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country & Mazda 5; shoulder belts attached to the chest in these vehicles will slide freely through the belt guide while other models of booster seat with back will not.

Harmony Dreamtime Elite

    • Review of CSFTL  (note that the weight and height limits are AMERICAN, but you can rely on the dimensions of the seat)

Price: $ 55 at Walmart
Modes: Use with or without backrest (also sold in backless version, ~ $ 40)
Weight / Size: 18-50 kg (40-110 lb) / 86.4-144 cm (34-57 in)
Approximate height of belt guide: 49.5 cm (19.5 in)
Expiration: 6 years from date of manufacture

Overview :

    • With backrest does not need the car headrest behind
    • Does not attach to the car with LATCH: always attach with the car seat belt even when unoccupied

Clek Ozzi or Olli Boosters

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    • Critique CSFTL (eng)

Price: ~ $ 70-150 at ; , Olli available at Canadian Tire; find a retailer
Modes: Backless use only
Weight / Size: 18-55 kg (40-120 lb) / 102-144 cm (40-57 in)
Expiration: 9 years after date of manufacture

Overview :

  • Check out the best Inflatable kayak fish finder 2020 in our website.
  • Attaches to car with hard button type UAS
    • Olli has a quick release strap for easy removal
    • Very narrow

 Diono Jet & Hip (with cup holder “Hip”, without cup holder, “Jet”)

Price: ~ $ 25 at ,  Canadian Tire
Modes: Backless use only
Weight / Size: 18-50 kg (40-110 lb) / 96.5-152.4 cm (38-60 in)
Expiration: 6 years after date of manufacturing

Overview :

    • Does not attach to the car with LATCH: always attach with the car seat belt even when unoccupied

Safety First Incognito

    • Vancouver Island Car Seat Techs Review

Price: ~ $ 35-45 at
Modes: Backless use only
Weight / Height : 27-54 kg (60-120 lb) / 119-152 cm (47-60 in) * minimum 6 years *
Expiration: 10 years after date of manufacture

Overview :

    • An older and larger child seat that keeps them as a “subtle” boost
    • Note the minimum weight of 60 lbs
    • Ideal for children aged 8-12 who no longer need the support of a booster seat with backrest

  • To find a TSEP near you, see
  • Join the Little Cupcakes in Car Seats Facebook group for support in French
  • Check out Vancouver Island Car Seat Techs every Friday for sales updates!

These are the best booster chair for babies india .

Best Waterproof Lightweight Zero Gravity Chair for elderly Sleeping 2020

Best Waterproof Zero Gravity Chair: Did you know that using a zero gravity chair can reduce stress and decrease pressure in your body? A zero gravity chair is specially designed to help relieve tension and provide comfort by simply floating on the chair. A zero gravity chair is securely attached with a locked tool to ensure even weight distribution across the chair

Most people don’t have the time for a spa session or a yoga class to help them feel relaxed, but with a zero gravity chair you get that great feeling from the comfort of your home or office. . Here are some tips to help you choose a zero gravity chair.

How to choose the best zero gravity chair

  • Choose a chair that supports the weight to avoid breaking it easily.
  • The type of material or fabric the chair is made of will make it easier to clean and last.
  • Choose a chair that can be easily adjusted to recline your body from different angles, such as when lying down or sitting.
  • Look for a chair built with good materials and other features, such as a built-in pillow.
  • Choose a chair with many recline positions to enjoy the feeling of zero gravity.

Benefits of a zero gravity chair

  • It is scientifically tested and recognized to improve a person’s posture by relaxing the spine.
  • It helps relieve back and neck discomfort.
  • It reduces anxiety, stress and helps relieve pain in feet and muscles.
  • It increases blood circulation, boosts immunity and helps relieve headaches and accelerate wound healing.
  • It can help control hypertension and increase flexibility.

 Disadvantages of the zero gravity chair

  • It’s very expensive and not everyone can afford it.
  • It takes up space.

Factors to consider when choosing a zero gravity chair

  • Size and Weight: The size and weight of your chair is a very important factor to consider. You should buy a chair that is suitable for your height, height, and weight capacity. You don’t want a chair to be made for someone who is five feet tall when you are six feet tall.
  • Seat Materials: The material the chair seat is made of can determine the life of the recliner. You should choose a chair whose seat material is designed to withstand weather, sun and sand.
  • Chair Features: Some chairs are made with built-in breathable mesh padding while others have a soft mesh seat. Some also consist of a built-in tray and pillow; the stability of the chair and the warranty.
  • Who will use the chair: are you buying the chair for your children or for yourself? This is a question you should answer before you settle into a recliner. The size and weight capacity and the chairs are comfortable and adjustable and easy to move.
  • Safety Tool and Powder Coating: A chair with a locking system is secure, and if it is powder coated it helps resist rust. Always choose a chair with a double metal locking tool to get the best results from your anti-gravity chair.
  • Compact design or style: Choose an easy-to-carry recliner with an elegant design to add to your home accessories.

How to use the weightless chair

Using a zero gravity wheelchair is very easy as most of them are already assembled. All you need to do is place the chair upright with the pillow or headrest facing forward and adjust the chair to a level appropriate for your height and height, using the locking tool, then release it when it reaches the desired position.

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Best Waterproof Zero Gravity Chair:

1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Oversized Chair

The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Oversized Chair is one of the best built with sturdy materials to help you relieve stress and have fun camping, hiking, or fishing. The already assembled chair is easy to use and foldable for easy mobility.

The chair features adjustable locking controls, bungee, steel tube covers, natural wood stopper, fully upholstered seat and removable headrest, lumbar support and side shell receptacle.

Who should buy this?

This chair is perfect for an outdoor event and a great choice for camping, hiking, fishing, or any outdoor event.

Adjustable Recliner Timber Ridge Locking Locking Outdoor Patio Chair

Made of polyester for easy cleaning and maintenance.

See the Advantages offer :

  • The portable design can be easily installed and folded.
  • Comfortable headrest or pillow that can be detached from the chair.
  • Made with polyester for easy cleaning.
  • Double locking levers.
  • Reduces stress and pain in the body.

The inconvenients:

  • It is not a very attractive design.
  • It is heavy to transport over long distances.


  • Brand: Timber Ridge
  • Product Dimension: 43.5LX 22W X 21.3H inches
  • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
  • Material: Nylon (polyester)
  • One year warranty.

2. AmazonBasics Outdoor Folding Garden Chair for Zero Gravity Lounge

Sit back, relax and feel relieved from the stress of the day with the AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair. Which can be used on the patio or deck, and can easily be tilted from a vertical point of view to a reclining position without gravity, without undergoing any form of stress.

It includes a headrest, solid structure with double elastic support, relaxing and breathable Textilene fabric, comfortable armrest, compact design and variety of colors.

Who should buy this Best Waterproof Zero Gravity Chair?

This beautiful armchair is perfect for those who like to relax at home and can be used on the patio, deck or by the pool.

Double bungee cords Zero Gravity Outdoor Folding Chair for Outdoor

This zero-gravity chair features a lightweight yet sturdy powder-coated steel frame.

See the Advantages of Best Waterproof Zero Gravity Chair :

  • Heavy duty powder coated frame with two bungee support units.
  • A large headrest and a sponge.
  • Made with Textilene.
  • It can support up to 300 pounds.
  • Already assembled and portable.
  • Different colors to choose from.

The inconvenients:

  • Not suitable for the beach.
  • It does not support tall people.


  • Product Dimension: 35.4 L x 43.3 W x 25.6 H inches
  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Material: Textilene and steel frame.
  • One year warranty.

3. Modern reclining club chair

Do you want to relax in a comfortable and stylish armchair? Then the reclining padded Homall is for you. Designed with sleek and modern design to help you relax in your living room, bedroom or any favorite place in the house.

This uniquely and beautifully designed chair features two large footrests, padded seats, high quality PU leather, comfortable and huge armrest, simple adjustment methods, durable steel frame, four plastic seat legs and great double stitching.

Who should buy this Best Waterproof Zero Gravity Chair?

This chair is perfect for adults who like to relax at home and watch their favorite movie or read a book.

Durable steel frame Modern reclining club chair

Reclining back chair with adjustable footrest, wider curved armrests, larger seat cushion, thicker reclining back

See the Advantages offer :

  • Made of high quality and durable PU leather providing a pleasant soft feeling
  • Fully upholstered seat and backrest
  • Large curved armrest and four plastic feet.
  • Easy to put in place.
  • Easy adjustment modes

The inconvenients of Best Waterproof Zero Gravity Chair:

  • Requires mounting
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.


  • Black color
  • Material: faux leather
  • Product dimension: 29.25 L x 20.67 W x 27.69 H inches.
  • Seat depth: 22.1 inches.
  • Brand: Homall.
  • One year warranty with one month money back policy.

4. Zero Gravity Outdoor Folding Chair

What could be better than relaxing on the patio or by the pool and feeling relieved from stress and fatigue? AmazonBasics gives you a portable design that can be easily tilted from an upright position to a tilted position without gravity.

It features a sturdy steel frame, dual elastic support system, Textilene fabric, fully padded headrest and armrest, lightweight and compact design.

Who can buy this Best Waterproof Zero Gravity Chair?

The chair is a great companion for camping, hiking, or relaxing outside on the deck or by the pool.

Folding Chair Zero Gravity Outdoor Folding Chair for Outdoor

The high-quality fabric holds up over time, both in appearance and performance.

See the Advantages offer

  • Double bungee support unit.
  • Lightweight with powder coated steel frames.
  • Holds up to three hundred pounds.
  • Text fabric with helmet and armrest fully packed.
  • Varieties of colors to choose from.

The inconvenients

  • Not very attractive design.

Spec of Best Waterproof Zero Gravity Chair:

  • Color: Burgundy
  • Material: steel
  • Product Dimension: 35.4 L x 43.3 W x 25.6 H inches
  • Brand: AmazonBasics

5. Oversized steel mesh wire mesh reclining patio chair 

Are you looking for a creative reclining chair concept that is weightless or UV safe? The best choice of mesh steel non-gravity steel chair has all this functionality you need. Designed to bring comfort to your body and relieve you from stress. It is also designed to be used on the patio, deck, poolside or when camping or surfing, rest assured that you are protected from direct sunlight.

This chair features a lockable reclining unit, an adjustable or removable headrest with a canopy that protects your face and eyes from direct sunlight, a removable cup tray, sturdy Textilene material and a compact, fold-down design .

Who can buy this?

This chair can be used at home or on the beach by anyone who likes to relax and feel comfortable.

Modern Design Oversized Reclining Patio Chair Oversized Sheet Steel Mesh Steel

Removable tray allows easy access to drinks, magazines, phones, tablets and other small items

See the Advantages offer :

  • It has a removable tray that makes it easy to use and store phones, tablets, drinks or books.
  • Made with sophisticated Textilene to resist UV rays.
  • flexible hood and detachable headrest.
  • Replaceable elastic cord and locking units.
  • Design already assembled and portable.

The inconvenients:

  • It does not support more than 250 pounds of weight.


  • Product Dimensions: 36 “(L) x 32” (W) x 47.5 “(H)
  • canopy demission: 36 “(L) x 32” (W) x 44 “(H)
  • 5 “(L) x 15.25” (W) x 0.75 “(Thick)
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Material: steel, mesh
  • It does not require any assembly.

6. Zero Gravity Adjustable Headrest Rest Chair Adjustable Recliners 

Would you like to have a comfortable and quality recliner chair? This product gives you a durable chair designed to resist UV rays and protect your chair from sun damage. The flexible design gives you multiple seating options. Enjoy this magnificent sun lounger on your terrace, your tanning session, stargazing or any other fun activity.

This recliner features a flexible headrest with lumbar support, powder coated steel, Textilene fabric with a bungee system, UV resistance and breathable PVC material. It also has a side bin with and automatic locking unit.

Who should buy this?

This armchair is suitable for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities or just wants to relax at home.

set of 2 zero gravity adjustable headrest rest chair adjustable recliners

Textilene provides UV resistance and over 80% sun protection for a lounger that will last for several seasons.

See the Advantages offer :

  • Lightweight and strong steel frame.
  • Side bin for storing practical tools such as phones, drinks or keys.
  • Multiple and automatic locking system.
  • Detachable headrest and Textilene fabric, PVC and UV materials.
  • Portable and comfortable design.

The inconvenients:

  • Requires assembly.
  • Not very stylish.


  • Grey color.
  • Material: L600D UV resistant breathable mesh.
  • Product dimension: 27L X 11W X 38H inches.
  • Seat: Depth 35.5 inches.
  • It requires installation or assembly.
  • Brand: Belleze.

7. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair

Are you looking for a chair that can adapt to different body sizes? The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is a comfortable design that can accommodate different body sizes and can support up to 350lbs. This indoor or outdoor lounger is easy to use and transport.

It features an easy and adjustable locking system, bungee cord, padded headrest and lumbar support, all-purpose side tables, plastic armrest and sturdy polyester fabric for easy cleaning.

Who should buy this?

This chair is designed for easy travel and can be used by anyone who likes to relax well indoors or out.

Blue-Upholstered Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair

Easy to adjust locking levers and lock the chair in any position, from upright to rest.

See the Advantages offer :

  • Adjustable locking system.
  • Support different body sizes.
  • It has a plastic armrest, a headrest and a side table.
  • Durable steel frames
  • Portable and mobile.

The inconvenients:

  • Rust easily.
  • It cannot withstand inclement weather.


  • Unfolded size: 20 x 22 x 29. 9 “.
  • Floor-to-seat height: 43.5 ″.
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Package Weight: 22. 65 lbs.
  • Package size: 31. 4 x6 x38. 3 “.
  • Frame: aluminum tubes.
  • One year warranty.
  • Brand: Timber Ridge.

8. Zero Gravity Outdoor Folding Lounge Chairs

The Artist Hand Zero Gravity chair is made from a durable material with normal seating options and wider seating. This chair has excellent locking levers which can easily switch from a relaxed to an upright position and ensuring your safety.

It includes a locking system, square tube support, removable headrest, removable side tray, UV resistant protective mesh, Textilene fabric, armrest and powder coated steel frame.

Who can buy this?

This chair is the perfect furniture for the pool and for anyone who enjoys sunbathing, sungazing or relaxing on the patio.

Extra wide seats Outdoor Folding Lounge Chairs Zero Gravity

Quick-drying UV resistance with over 80% sun protection for long-lasting use.

See the Advantages offer :

  • Stable and safe use.
  • Two-seater options, normal and wide seat.
  • Premium textilene fabric and durable powder coated steel frame.
  • Productive locking system allows easy adjustment of chairs
  • Detachable headrest cushion and curved armrests.
  • A separable cup holder and a padded slot to keep drinks.

The inconvenients:

  • It’s heavy.
  • It does not lay flat.


  • Specification: color: gray.
  • Material: UV breathable textilene and steel frame.
  • Capacity: 350 lbs weight capacity.
  • Seat width: 19 ″ W
  • Fully tilted dimensions: 70.8 “L x 25.5” W x 16 “H.

9. PHI VILLA XL Zero Gravity Upholstered Recliner

Enjoy different relaxation positions with the PHI VILLA XL Zero Gravity chair. Designed to relieve stress and anxiety by helping you relax indoors or out. This chair is fully padded to ensure a comfortable seat and can be effortlessly oriented to different positions.

This chair features an easy and adjustable lever, rust resistant powder coated steel, padded seat and back for added comfort, sturdy Oxford fabric, foldable and portable design as well as a side cup holder.

Who can buy this?

This chair is for anyone who likes upholstered chairs to relax.

Complimentary Cup Holder PHI VILLA XL Zero Gravity Upholstered Recliner Chair

Powder coated steel frame, rust resistant

See the Advantages offer :

  • Powder coated steel.
  • Curved armrest with headrest.
  • Adjustable locking system.
  • Durable oxford fabric
  • Side folding cup holder tray.

The inconvenients:

  • Not fully assembled.
  • Very soft.


  • Brand Name: PHI VILLA
  • Open Size: W25.6 “x D35.4″ x H44 ” 
  • Package size: 38 “x 26″ x 6 ” 
  • Material: 600D Oxford cloth and sturdy steel frame
  • Chair height: 32.5 “- 44”
  • Rear Tube Length: 30.7 ″
  • Weight capacity: 300LBS
  • Available colors: blue / red / gray


With different Zero Gravity chair options available in the market, there is no need to purchase a chair that does not meet your needs. Most of these recliners are great for outdoor or indoor use and some can add to your living room accessories.

One of the most important things to look for when buying an anti-gravity Best Waterproof Zero Gravity chair is a multiple locking system. Another is a durable and comfortable seat and chose a reclining chair that has different weight capacity to accommodate different body sizes. If you find this useful, don’t forget to comment or share.

Best Non Slip Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors 2020

Non Slip Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors : Your carpet tends to slide on the tiles, disrupting the decor and threatening at any time to trip unaware people of the danger … Here are some homemade tips to make your carpet non-slip  :

  • For a small carpet: apply double-sided tape all around its perimeter, or even, for larger living room or bedroom rugs , cross from one corner to another.
  • Another inexpensive solution is to use adhesive pads.
  • You can also treat your floor with white vinegar beforehand to make it less slippery.

Best Non Slip Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors :

1.AiBOB Office Chair mat

Advantage : Perfect for hard floor, Cheaper and Safe for home.

2.AmazonBasics Vinyl Chair Mat

Advantage : Clean, Durable and provides ergonomic glide.

3. Office Chair Mat for Hardwood

Advantage : Pure Polyethene, Super durable and Multi purpose.

4. Office Chair Mat with Anti Fatigue Cushioned Foam

Advantage : Versatile, Eco friendly and Comfortably stylish.

5.Kuyal Chair Mat

Advantage : No chemicals used, Anti Scratch protection and budget friendly.

Wet floor, choose the best non slip chair carpet for hardwood

Certain spaces, interior or exterior, are in permanent contact with water or humidity, increasing the dangers of slipping. In these places, such as the bathroom or the swimming pool and its surroundings, the use of a non-slip mat is imperative. Here’s how to choose it:

  • For your shower and your bathtub, prevent the risk of falling by choosing a mat with suction cups. Choose an anti-mold model to maintain it easily and keep it longer.
  • Create a non-slip bottom in your pool by lining it with a suitable coating, which will have the double advantage of being antibacterial. Dress the surroundings with a wooden slatted floor, both aesthetic and non-slip.

To go further: a few additional tips

You will get the most out of your mat if it is held securely and does not require you to bend down constantly to put it back in place. Here are some additional tips for choosing the best Non Slip Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors :

  • Use the furniture in the room: here, an ottoman, there, an armchair, there again, the legs of a table, will constitute an extremely effective fixing system. Strategically exploited, this one will even allow you to do without carpet pads or bands.
  • In a long and narrow space such as a corridor, as well as for stairs, opt directly for carpet to be glued to the floor, to avoid any risk of falling or inconvenience.

Conclusion :

We have listed above all the trending and top selling Non Slip Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors from Amazon to choose from let us know about your feedback.

Going Away Gifts for Coworker 2020

BONSAI KIT for coworkers

Kit for growing 3 bonsai
  • Kit for planting and growing a small and elegant bonsai.
  • The kit contains 1 sachet of Silver Birch seeds, 1 sachet of red maple seeds, 1 sachet of mountain pine seeds.
  • Also included are 6 peat-based jars, 6 peat blocks and 6 markers.

 Details on

NICE KITCHEN APRON going away gift

nice apron
  • If he / she loves to cook, look for a very nice kitchen apron. Fantasy has no limits with this gadget and the choice is extremely wide.
  • You can find those of the Simpsons, superheroes, with both male and female nudes, sexy bodies or funny phrases.

 Details on

CUP WITH POCKET moving away gift

Cup with pocket for biscuits
  • Sweet cups with convenient ceramic cookie tray.
  • Allows you to enjoy coffee or tea for breakfast with the cookies on hand.
  • You can find them in different colors and shapes

 Details on

NAIL DRYER farewell gift

slice pineapple
  • If you particularly care about your hands and nails, this accessory will come in very handy.
  • Thanks to UV rays it allows to dry nail polish and gel in a short time.
  • Thanks to this machine, you no longer have to pay attention to every movement after putting on the enamel.

 Details on

LEANING CAMERA goodbye gifts

leaning camera
  • If he loves photography, you could give him a new pendant.
  • Excellent gift for those who love photography
  • Particular and suitable for young people.

 Details on


cabin trolley backpack
  • For those who love to travel, here are some comfortable backpacks that can be used as hand luggage.
  • They are extremely spacious and easy to transport.
  • They are also available in the children’s version.

 Details on

ANTI-THEFT BACKPACK co workers present

anti-theft backpack
  • The birthday boy never separates from his notebook? This backpack is the original gift idea suitable.
  • This polyester laptop backpack has an external USB port with integrated charging cable, to offer convenient charging of the device anywhere.
  • It is padded with thick sponges to help reduce the risk of falls and hits. But above all it is anti-theft!

 Details on

BAMBOO KEYBOARD AND MOUSE present for workers

bamboo keyboard and mouse different thinking
  • Many people would like to go and live in a place submerged in nature, but very few would give up technology.
  • So how to be completely ecological and “nature” without giving up your pc?
  • With these beautiful and original bamboo keyboards and mice. Aren’t they beautiful?

 Details on

STOP EINSTEIN CLIP gift for employee

Funny Einstein Magnetic Clip Clip
  • This is for science lovers. Fun Einstein-shaped magnetic clip holder … without hair.
  • The clips will make up the thick hair of the great scientist.
  • What’s better than having an Einstein on your desk sticking your tongue out while you study physics?

 Details on

CUSTOMIZABLE MUG for coworking person

customizable mug
  • A good start to the day is very important and these mugs always know how to give a smile.
  • Give it to the person you love. You can prepare a special breakfast every morning.
  • On the cup it is possible to write and draw as if it were a blackboard. A sweet way to remind your boyfriend of your love.

 Details on

REUSABLE ICE CUBES coworking gifts

Reusable ice cubes
  • These stainless steel cubes are able to cool down a drink just like ice.
  • However, they do not decrease the alcohol concentration when the ice melts inside.
  • They are safe and certified.

 Details on

MASSAGE BALLS co-worker presents

massage balls
  • These 3 massage balls are able to relax and reduce tension.
  • All 3 different, are designed to adapt to all parts of the body.
  • They are very discreet and can be used anywhere.

 Details on


Impression kit
  • These are not just simple photo frames, but much more. They are a gift idea designed especially for a newborn on the occasion of birth, baptism or first year of age.
  • In addition to the possibility of inserting one or more photos of the baby during its first months of life, it is possible to take the cast of the hand and / or the foot.
  • They are made of wood and contain clay to preserve the joy of its birth over time.

 Details on

TREE OF LIFE PENDANT farewell presents

pendant tree of life original gift
  • A round frame with the tree of life represented inside.
  • A beautiful lucky charm to wish the best to the person who receives it.
  • You can choose between refined necklaces with Swarovski crystals or pretty earrings.

 Details on

BEE HOUSE goodbye present

Bee house
  • Everyone knows that bees are fundamental to the existence of life on earth. So why not welcome these very important creatures into your garden?
  • This cottage is a refuge for bees or other insects.
  • A nice and original hotel for all the little guests of the garden.

 Details on

KEYCHAIN WITH APPLE CABLE moving away present

Keychain with Apple Cable
  • This mini keychain cable allows you to recharge or manage data anywhere.
  • It is compatible with all Apple products. It comes with a key ring.
  • Flexible, compact and durable, it is one of the best MFi cables on the market.

 Details on

STAR WARS KEY going away presents

Star Wars Darth Vader pen drive
  • For fans of the greatest science fiction movie ever shot, here are the Star Wars USB sticks .
  • They have a capacity ranging from 8 to 32 GB. You can find them with all the characters in the saga.
  • From the Tribe line you can also find many other characters such as Batman or Iron Man.

 Details on

PUSH UP HANDLES gift for workers

push up handles
  • If you love keeping fit, these push-up handles are a great gift idea.
  • They allow you to train practically anywhere, anytime.
  • They help tone the arm and abdominal muscles.

 Details on

UKULELE working person presents

  • Do you love music, would you like to learn to play or can you already play guitar?
  • The ukulele is a magnificent and original instrument with which to start or try new sounds.
  • Beginner models and higher quality models for professionals are available.

 Details on

PERPETUAL CALENDAR working employee present

perpetual calendar
  • This is a great way to keep track of the days. This type of calendar can be placed comfortably on the desk.
  • The pieces can be arranged to mark the current day and month.
  • They are perpetual, therefore forever!

 Details on

LED FOR BIKE WHEELS goodbye gifts

led bike wheel

Gifts for a Child/Kid who has Everything for 2020 Christmas & Birthday

Often in the various groups on Facebook I read requests for advice such as “next week is my nephew’s birthday, the problem is that he already has everything, what can I give him?”. So when it comes to present gifts for a child who has everything in 2020 it’s quiet a challenging task.

Scene from the movie “Paddington”

Here, we will help you to pick what to give to a child who already has everything?
Well, the first thing that would be spontaneous to answer is “if he already has everything, don’t give him anything”. 
The fact is that it doesn’t work like that … in fact, if it’s his birthday, at Christmas or on a thousand other occasions, you can’t simply “give nothing away”.

Moreover, often saying “already has everything” is a way of saying, to mean that he is a child who does not need anything in particular and who already has a bedroom full of the classic games advertised, but not who really has “everything”. .
So what to give to a child who does not miss anything important?

Here is a list of gifts to be on the safe side when you have to give a gift to a child who already has “everything”.


No matter how many Legos one already has, other Legos are always handy!
To be on the safe side, I recommend buying a Lego Classic box instead of a specific set (which you can’t know if it already has one). The classic loose pieces, on the other hand, are always good and are perfect for free play and fantasy … and the more the better! So you could give them to him on every birthday without ever making a mistake!

The same concept also applies to kinetic sand , for which the more there is, the better.
And for all those games / hobbies that require materials.
So if for example you know that he likes to create jewellery, a set of beads will certainly be appreciated even if he already has one.


Maybe the child in question already has a digital camera or a cell phone with which to take pictures … but the charm and fun of the instant camera is unsurpassed!
I recommend the Instax Mini which in addition to not having an excessive price is perfect to carry around.
It will also solve the problem of future gifts, because you can continue to give them the films ! And even those … are never enough!


This is a kind of gift that nobody ever thinks about, yet there are many very intriguing ones!
Brain teasers in wood or metal … or even in plastic like the classic rubik’s cube. They are intelligent games that will keep him busy for a while, which he can carry around at any time.
There are also whole sets with lots of mini puzzles to solve one after the other.
Or you can use the idea to give him money in an original way, putting the banknote inside one of the puzzle boxes. In this way you will also have the certainty that it will play!


There is the ” lava lamp ” which, once turned on, causes the strange fluid inside to move hypnotically.
There is the “fake aquarium” lamp with the fake jellyfish moving inside.
There are character-themed lamps, video games, with strange lighting effects!
There is the “planisphere” lamp: a kind of crystal ball with the planets of the solar system moving inside it.
There is the floating globe lamp

In short, the ideas are many and it does not matter if a lamp already has one in the bedroom (it will certainly have one), because if you point to something original … it will still be cool that you will not be able to appreciate and add to the furniture of his room.


Even the sheets are something that hardly comes to mind to give to a child, instead they can be very appreciated especially if they represent something they love: a character, the theme of a movie or a cartoon.
My daughter jumped for joy when she got Doctor Who’s!


Maybe he already plays something and therefore he likes music … or maybe he has never touched an instrument in his life and it could be the right opportunity to try!
Of course I’m not telling you to introduce yourself with a grand piano under your arm, but there are plenty of simple musical instruments that a child can start experimenting with.
– Ukulele : little and has only 4 strings, fantastic coast to start learning some chords
– Kalimba : simple and intuitive African musical instrument
– Otomatone musical instrument “stupid” very funny
– keyboard for the feet: it is a carpet that then folds in on itself (therefore it does not take up much space) that can be played by walking and hopping on it
– Electronic drums : especially recommended for older children. It is a real battery, but electronic, therefore with 2 advantages compared to the classic one: it takes up less space … and you can adjust the volume!

Alyssa and her Kalimba


To stay on the subject of music, another original gift is the karaoke microphone!
It is a bluetooth microphone that can also be connected to the phone to start the base on which you can sing (on youtube there are many) and acts both as a microphone and as a speaker, without the need for external speakers.
We have a lot of fun with ours, which also makes the eco effect!


Maybe he won’t miss sheets and colors… but a real painter’s easel with a lot of canvas ready to be filled with his art?
Also add a nice set of colors (tempera or acrylics, NO watercolors) and if you really want to exaggerate, a small painting manual.
Do you already have a tripod? Then a good supply of new canvases and brushes!


Find out who his favorite character / video game / movie / game is.
Then download a beautiful themed image from the internet and use it to create a personalized shirt with image + name on one of the many sites that allow you to do it!
Or you could print their own design on a shirt.
You will give him something unique that is not possible already!


Take a ride on Etsy and a world will open up!
Hand-carved magic wands for Harry Potter fans
Busy Book and Quiet Book super creative
Jewels and special accessories such as the necklace with sea water
And many other truly UNIQUE things

Obviously Etsy is not the only site on which you can buy handmade products. Even simply on facebook you can find many pages of artists and small craftsmen!


Find out if there is anything he collects.
For example: collect Pokémon cards? Trading cards? Various playing cards?
Give him some bags of cards to open to expand his collection!


A type of gift that will be particularly appreciated by slightly older children.

There are many “virtual” gifts that we can do and with which we certainly cannot go wrong because, even if it is something they already have, it will only add up!

Here are some ideas:

  • Spotify Premium subscription (for music)
  • Audible subscription (audiobooks)
  • Virtual coins for the games they play (Robux if they play Roblox, V-buck if they play Fortnite, etc …)
  • Reload for the Play Store (to buy apps on Android)
  • Reload for App Store (to buy apps on Apple)
  • Netflix subscription (to watch movies and cartoons)

In this case, if you do not already know the child well, ask the parents what might be most welcome.

If you want to buy him an app directly, I highly recommend Toca World, an app that is not a video game, but a real “digital toy” that allows you to play with your imagination, inventing your own personal stories! It’s like having an immense set of puppets available (which however we can never lose and which we must not tidy up)
Here a video of a story that I invented by playing with it

If you’re looking for adult unique gifts for someone who has everything then check out the post by our fellow friend Molly Miller.


There are many sites that offer the “surprise box” service. 
Generally they are thematic boxes (tricks, games, food, gadgets, books, cinema-themed things, etc …) whose content, however, is unknown.
You subscribe for a number of months of your choice and a different box full of surprises will arrive home every month!

For example, ToucanBox is perfect for creative children! 

To me who am a lover of Japan, two boxes that I liked a lot are the Yume Twins and the Tokyo Treat .
The first contains many kawaii gadgets and the second of particular Japanese snacks!

Here you can see the video in which we open the Tokyo Treat of November 2019

But in addition to these there are really many for all tastes!
Try searching for “monthly surprise boxes” or “subscription boxes” on google and a world will open up.

It can be an original idea for a gift and depending on the budget you can only give one or more (one going on for several months)! 

14) A BOOK

Giving a book seems like an almost obvious choice … but be careful, because it can be more difficult than we think!
In fact, books, especially as you go on with age, become something more and more intimate and subjective.
So even if we know it is a child who loves to read, the risk of giving him a book that is not suitable for his tastes (or that he has already read) is very high.

For example, my son loves reading very much, but he must choose the book himself! (or I’ll choose it, I know his tastes more than mine)

That’s why my advice is to move more towards “interactive” and not very personal books: books with mazes, jokes, game books, books with magic tricks, Guinness book of records, albums with stickers …

Daniel recently enjoyed the Minecraft joke book

Or if you really want to be on the safe side: a card with a voucher to spend in the library!

Ps: as an idea they also suggest a subscription to a magazine suitable for their age! It’s not really a book, but it’s a really good idea!


Food is another thing that can be easily given even to those who already have everything, since it is consumed!
Foods that a child may like?
Fake pizza made of candy Candy
Chupa Chups Giant
Cup + stock of Chobar Lollipop
Kinder gift box
Chocolate coins
Basket with various snacks

In fact, you can also opt for healthier alternatives if they come to your mind and if you know the tastes of the child.

Well, these are the top 15 best Gift ideas for a kid who has everything that came to my mind.
There are certainly many more, but I think that with these you can already find several ideas to find the perfect gift for “your” child who already has everything!

Tuna Mini Toasts #AD #DollopOfDaisy

“This post is brought to you by Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream. Squeeze more out of Easter with a #DollopOfDaisy. ”


Spring is coming and with it the first great celebration of the year; Easter or as we call it here “Easter”, which fills me with joy since we can enjoy as a family a day full of sun, laughter and above all delicious food.

But who wants to spend the whole morning cooking instead of spending it enjoying and sharing with the family? I think no one true! For this reason for Easter in our family, everyone brings a simple dish and we all share, so that no one has to spend hours cooking.

A recipe that I like to prepare is tuna toast, since they are prepared in less than 10 minutes and are delicious and nothing better to accompany them than the delicious and versatile Daisy® sour cream, which is now better than ever in its new Daisy presentation ® Squeeze Sour Cream, which makes it much easier for us to add it to all our dishes from appetizers, main dishes and desserts, since we do not need a spoon and it is very easy to do that even the little ones can help.

Tuna Mini Toasts


  • 2 cans of tuna drained
  • 1 large tomato, diced
  • 1 medium cucumber diced
  • 1 sprig of coriander finely chopped
  • 1 slice of onion finely chopped
  • Salt
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 20 small toasts
  • Daisy® sour cream
  • Sliced ​​avocado optional


  1. In a bowl, mix the first 7 ingredients until well combined.
  2. Serve 1 tbsp of the tuna salad on each toast, add avocado if you wish, and decorate with the delicious Daisy® sour cream or better yet let your little ones do it, this way they will feel an important part of the celebration.

Happy Easter!

How are you going to celebrate this Easter? To which dishes do you like to add Daisy sour cream? Share your comments with us on our social networks and be part of the conversation, don’t miss a thing using the hashtag #DollopOfDaisy

This post is brought to you by  Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream. Squeeze more out of Easter with a #DollopOfDaisy.

Baked Zucchini with Parmesan #HealthyOptions #OpcionesSaludables

Hello everyone, as I have mentioned I have been preparing recipes that are nutritious, delicious and fast, today I share one of these recipes, it is ideal to accompany the main dish, I prepare them to accompany grilled fish.

Baked Zucchini with Parmesan

  • Makes 4 servings


  • 4 zucchini cut into thin slices
  • 1 oz of shaved Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 350º
  2. In a baking dish, place the zucchini slices, add the olive oil and a little salt, bake for 8 minutes, remove from the oven and add the cheese, serve immediately.

Enjoy your meal!

Cucumber Popsicles {With Chili Tajin} #Delicious #Refreshing #VRE

The heat has invaded us from east to west, and the only thing we can think of is eating fresh things that help us to cool off and calm the heat a little, for that reason it occurred to me to prepare these ice pops. Why cucumber with chilito? Well at home we are fascinated by eating cucumber with chilito and what better way to do it using an ice pop, so we kill 2 birds with one stone, we cool off and we are tempted. Here is the recipe.

Cucumber Popsicles with Chili Tajin

  • Makes 6 servings (1 popsicle per serving)
  • Price per serving $ 0.17


  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1 1/2 cups of water
  • the juice of 2 large or 6 small lemons
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Tajin Chile


  1. Cut 12 slices of cucumber (I made it with everything and peel)
  2. Peel the rest of the cucumber and cut it into medium pieces.
  3. Place the cucumber in pieces in the blender, add the water, lemon juice and salt, blend for 1 minute.
  4. Place the cucumber water in pallet molds or plastic cups, add 2 slices of cucumber to each mold, place in the freezer for 1 hour, since the water begins to freeze place the wooden sticks, return to the freezer for 2 hours plus. Unmold, add Chilito Tajin and enjoy.

Enjoy your meal!

* Just as a curious fact, for approximately $ 1.00 they will be able to prepare 6 ice pops, which is super economical, if we compare it to the fact that if we buy the popsicles from the ice cream shop or from the store we will pay approximately $ 1.00 for each popsicle.

Clarification: I did not receive any type of compensation for sharing this recipe in which I use the product Tajín, at home we love this product that is why I use it very often.